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Function Table
FieldGenius comes in two editions: Standard and Premium. The chart below shows the breakdown of functionality between these two editions. These features are split up into five groups:

Legend: FieldGenius Core Functionality
Standard and Premium
Total Station Features
Standard and Premium
GNSS/GPS Features
Standard and Premium
Advanced/Roading Features
Premium Only
Robotic Features
Premium Only

Function / Description
Files Import ASCII
  User Coordinate Systems
  MicroSurvey QSB
  Drawing Template
Export ASCII (User-Defined)
  User Coordinate Systems
  Sokkia SDR
  Drawing Template
Project Management Create New
  Open Existing
  Define Storage Location
  Job Details
  Instrument Details
  Crew Details
Instrument Settings Conventional EDM Measurement Modes
  Baud Rates
  Time out
  Min/max distance
  Prism offsets
  HA, VA, HD tolerances
  Curvature and Refraction
  EDM Measurement Modes
  Baud Rates
  Time out
  Min/max distance
  Prism offsets
  HA, VA, HD tolerances
  Curvature and Refraction
Instrument Settings Robotic Search Modes (Window)
  Search Window Range
  Search Window Center
  Radio Connection Settings
  Guide Lights
Instrument Control Set Fine/Coarse Distance mode *
  Set Measurements Parameters *
  Set Prism Offset *
  Set prism target height
  Set Backsight Reading on Instrument *
  Servo support
  Use Joystick to turn Horizontally and Vertically
  Navigate to Point when Staking
  Control of Robotic Functions
  Search for Prism
  Prism Tracking
  Motorized Turn to Angle
  Motorized Flip Scope
  Motorized Turn 90 Left or Right
  Prism tracking
  * function not available on some models  
Units International Feet
  US Surveyors Feet
  North Azimuths
  South Azimuths
  Scale Factor
  Curvature and Refraction
Survey-Occupy Specify setup point and a direction
  Set up backsight using multiple points or directions
  Specify setup and backsight points
  Store new backsight point
  Refine backsight orientation
  Shoot angle and distance
  Shoot angle only
  Set zero plate reading
  Set azimuth plate reading
  Calculate azimuth offset and residual
  Review backsight shot before storing
Survey - Check Backsight Display Deltas
  Optional update backsight option
Survey - Check Point Display Deltas
  Optional store new point
Observe Benchmark Select existing point
  Define new elevation
  Display deltas
  Update current occupy point
Survey - Add Invert Add invert elevations to existing point
Survey - Traverse Report Closing distance and direction
  Traverse precision
  Vertical error
  Angle adjust
  Vertical adjust
  Compass Rule adjust
Survey-Store Points Point ID
  Northing, Easting, Elevation
  Voice Recordings
Survey - Delete Points Delete last ten points
  Automatic history in raw file
Measure Modes Temporay Shot (No store)
  Sideshot (advanced mode)
  Sideshot (fast store)
  Multi-set (set collection)
  Multi-set (motorized)
  Point Averaging
  Horizontal Angle Offset
  Vertical Angle Offset
  Distance Offset
  Manual Distance
  Manual Entry
  Vertical Plane Projection
  Two Line Intersection
  Line-Angle Offset
  Line-Distance Offset
  Line-Perpendicular Point
  Point Scanning
Calculation - Traverse / Intersect By direction and distance
  By Bearing - Bearing intersection
  By Distance - Distance intersection
  By Bearing - Distance intersection
  By Distance - Bearing intersection
  Recall distance between points
  Recall direction between points
  Results saved to COGO history
Calculation - Curve Calculator Curve Solution
  Tangent and PI
  Store PT and Center Point
  Pick points from Map
  Degree of Curve/Arc support
Calculation - COGO Results Log file of Traverse calcs
  Log file of Inverse calcs
Calculation - Rotate / Translate / Scale Simultaneous Operation
  Rotation - define basepoint
  Rotation - define rotation angle
  Rotation - define original and destination directions
  Shift - point to point
  Shift - define N, E, Z deltas
  Shift - direction and distance
  Scale - define basepoint
  Scale - define scale factor
  Undo functionality
  Automatic audit trail
Calculation - Scientific Calculator RPN functionality
  Easy unit conversion
  DMS functions (DMS-, DMS+)
  Trig Functions
Staking Staking mode - compass, grid, map
  Viewing directions - North, Prism, Instrument, User Point
  Adjustable staking tolerance
  Automatic staking mode switch
  NSEW/Arrows directional indicators
  Select next/nearest point from staking list, database, or map
  Points - Imported, measured or calculated
  Points - DXF
  Points - LandXML (CgPoints)
  Store stake point or stake record only
  Circle zero staking option
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Function / Description
Staking - Con't Cut Sheets reports
  Define stake point offset
  Stake station and offset along line/arc
  Stake Line
  Stake along DXF entities
  Stake arc
  Cut/Fill to Design elevation
  Turn instrument to stake 2D or 3D
  Realtime visual staking
  Servo motor support
  Remote Stake (Robotic)
  Staking List
  Stake surface (LandXML, QSB)
  Stake alignment
  Slope stake
Roads (Alignment) Manual input - Centerline, profiles and templates
  LandXML import - Centerline, cross sections, profiles, surfaces
  Centerline - Create / edit tangents
  Centerline - Create / edit curves
  Centerline - Create / edit CSC (Curve - Spiral - Curve)
  Centerline - Create / edit spiral
  Centerline - Create / edit from existing figure
  Profile - Create / edit PVI
  Profile - Create / edit parabolic curve (Equal tangent)
  Profile - Create / edit parabolic curve (Un-equal tangent)
  Profile - Station check routine
  Template - Create / edit
  Stakeout - Template staking
  Stakeout - Slope staking
  Stakeout - Station and offset
  Stakeout - Random station and offset
  Stakeout - LandXML cross sections and alignments
  Stakeout - Centerline and loaded surface file
  Store alignment stake points
  Store alignment stake deltas only
  Cut sheet reports
  Native LandXML format
  Advanced graphics - realtime template staking
Data Management Spreadsheet editor - View, edit, delete, transform
  Raw File Editor - View, edit, add comments, reprocess
  DXF Data - View layers, freeze, thaw, unload
  LandXML Parcels - Store points, lines, stakeout
  LandXML CgPoints - Load / unload data sets
  Surfaces - Load / Unload
Surfaces, Volumes, Areas Create a Real-Time DTM Surface Model as you take each shot
  Create a DTM Surface from Imported Coordinates, and Add to it
  Import LandXML DTM Surface and Stake to it
  Import a DTM Surface from MicroSurvey CAD or inCAD
  Stake to a DTM Surface Created Inside FieldGenius
  Display DTM Triangles
  Display Contours
  Display Shaded 3D Views of a Surface
  Compute Volumes Between Surfaces to a Datum
  Fixed Area Calculations
  Inverse Area Calculations
Features Code-Free Linework - 3-Point Arcs
  Code-Free Linework - Lines
  Code-Free Linework - Spline Curves
  Manually Draw Lines or Curves between Points
  Linework Manager
  Point Description Manager (AutoMAP)
  Add map markers based on point description
  Hide points and lines based on point description
  dBase Coordinate File - Read it using Excel, AutoCAD, LDD & ma
  Advanced LandXML support
  Vertical Plane Mapping (measure 2 pts. - obs. angle only for other
  Real-Time Drawing Generation
  One Tap for Line Information
  One Tap for Point Information
  One Tap Measure, Store and Draw Point
  One Tap Point Display Options
  One Tap Selection of Active Line options
  One Tap Code-Free Selection of Linework options
  One Tap Selection of Manual Draw Line options
  One Tap Zoom functions (In, Out, Extents, Re-center)
  NTRIP caster manager
  Bluetooth device manager
  Automatic device reconnection
  Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  Advanced 3D viewing (3D perspective)
  Windows Version for Tablet or Desktop computers
Local Transformation Horizontal adjustment
  Vertical adjustment
  Statistical analysis with residuals and RMS
  Automatic parameter computations
  Manual parameter entry
  Plane Similarity
  Import/Export Localization
  Calculate Scale
GPS Functionality - Status Reports Position solution
  Number of satellites used
  Position coordinates (latitude/longitude or northing/easting)
  Position cursor on drawing area
  Hrms Vrms
GPS Functionality - Base Setup User defined profiles for one time setup
  Antenna true vertical
  Antenna slant measured
  Station ID
  Elevation mask
GPS Functionality - Rover Setup User defined profiles for one time setup
  Antenna true vertical
  Antenna slant measured
  Electronic Bubble / Tilt Compensation
  Position solution mask
3.Differential Code 4.RTK Float
5.RTK Fixed
  Elevation mask
  PDOP mask
  Minimum satellites mask
  Station ID mask
  Horizontal RMS tolerance
  Vertical RMS tolerance
  Minimum observations tolerance
  Minimum time occupation tolerance
  Automatic measurements based on distance or time
GPS Functionality - Communication Setup Supported Radios 1.Pacific Crest
4.CDMA Modems

Support Correction Formats

GPS Functionality - Datum Setup Coordinate System editor for custom coordinate systems.
  United States
4. State Plane Coordinate System
6. NGVD29

4. CGVD28 (HTv2.0)

International Systems for most countries
GPS Units 1. Meters
2. International Feet
3. US Survey Feet
GPS Functionality - Raw Data Storage TDS RW5 Format
  Latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal height
  Antenna height
  Baseline vector
  Baseline covariance matrix
  Start time
  End time
  Number of observations
  Position solution type
  Horizontal precision
  Vertical precision
  Number of observed satellites
  Satellite Plot (GPS, WASS, Glonass)   Post-processing Tagging