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When asked which data collection software a fellow surveyor should use, John Roberson, RLS from Georgia, had the following comments...

"If you want to do a lot of field coding, go ahead and buy TDS or Carlson but if you want automatic field coding that requires no coding (other than tapping on an icon for lines, arcs or splines) then buy FieldGenius from MicroSurvey."

"FieldGenius 2007 has many more features that the others have not even thought about."

"If you want user defined graphic symbols to appear on the screen as you take shots, buy FieldGenius."

"If you want a real-time moving map display, which is much better than Carlson, buy FieldGenius."

"If you want to see contours generated in real-time as EACH shot is taken, without any coding, buy FieldGenius."

"If you want a very simple to use GPS localization routine that is rock solid and works every time, buy FieldGenius."

"If you want a bunch of problems that go unfixed (sometimes not even recognized by technical support) then buy from someone else other than MicroSurvey."

"MicroSurvey FieldGenius has the most in-depth web site of anyone on the market. Their technical support response is almost instant. They have spent a lot of time and effort making training movies which are on-line and their user manual is the best on the market. Try finding that with TDS or Carlson."

"TDS, SMI, and Carlson are all fine products that will get the job done, but if you take a hard long look at FieldGenius, you won't bother anymore with the other three."

See if you agree with John. Contact MicroSurvey and arrange a trial of the fastest data collection software on the market.

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