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Code-free Connectivity

MicroSurvey has developed the most simple linework (survey chain) connectivity in the industry. Absolutely NO CODING is required to generate your linework in the field in real time. Other data collection systems force
you to predefine codes for generating linework. We all learned how to “Connect the Dots” when we were
kids and MicroSurvey has taken real time linework to that level of simplicity.

Watch a movie:

Here are some of the features that make FieldGenius easier than most data collectors:

  • You can connect points that have different descriptions - notice the MANHOLE in the C/L line
  • Linework can consist of straight segments, arcs, and splines
  • Linework is ALL in 3D including Arcs and splines
  • You can have more than one line with the same description - there is no need to use DITCH1 and DITCH2, or E/ASPH1 and E/ASHP2.  FieldGenius is smarter and knows which line to work on
  • Multiple lines can connect to the same point
  • Missing segments can be drawn using the Pencil tool any time you need to add more info
  • A bad line can be removed instantly by just picking it and choose Delete Segment

All linework is generated by using one of three draw options, selected from buttons that appear on the main interface:

Draw Lines button = Connect points with straight lines
Draw Curvy Lines button = Connect Points with a best-fit curvy line
Draw 3-Point Arc button = Fit an arc through three measured points

To start a new line, simply select the desired draw option before you take your measurements. The connection button will display a <Start line> for you.
After the shot to the first point for the new line is complete, the line will be added to the active lines list, identified by the current point description and an automatically assigned group number. After the second point for this line has been shot, the line will be drawn.

From this point forward, simply continue taking shots to add to the line.
If you wish to stop adding to the current line, simply deselect the current draw option (Line, Curvy line, Arc). After turning off the draw option, <No line> will display in the active lines list. To start a new line with the same description, just tap the line button again.

Sound simple? It is. You'll find FieldGenius is, quite simply, the easiest data collector to generate an accurate drawing from shots in the field.

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