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Custom Toolbars

Custom instrument control toolbars for GPS and robotic total stations are on the main interface, minimizing the need to dig into menus for commonly used toggles and settings. MicroSurvey’s Robotic and GPS
support has the most intuitive interface in the industry. All Robotic and GPS settings and functions are easily accessible from their respective control toolbars. FieldGenius has
built-in support for all major manufacturer's robotic total stations and RTK grade GPS systems.

On the GPS toolbar, there are six buttons used to control the settings, and set the display mode for positional information for the GPS positions.

The buttons, from top to bottom are as follows:

The first field indicates the position solution type.
The second field is the number of SV’s the rover is currently using in the RTK solution. To view a sky plot of the current SV’s visible to the rover, press this button.
The third field displays the DOP values for the current RTK position. Pressing the button will cycle through the PDOP, HDOP and VDOP.
The fourth button returns information about the rover receiver. The serial number, battery status and sky list of SV’s can be displayed.
The fifth button is used to display the current position of the cursor in the HUD (provided it is enabled ). The position is in the current map projection (with applied local transformation), the Latitude and Longitude (WGS 84 derived system), or the current Hrms & Vrms values.
The sixth button in the GPS toolbar will recenter the display on the current position of the cursor (RTK position). Double tapping this button will set the system into an auto-pan mode where the position cursor will always be centered. Tapping the button once more will disable the auto-pan mode.

On the robotic toolbar, there are eight buttons used to control the settings and remotely operate the instrument via the radios:

From left to right, top to bottom:

The first button is the Instrument Guide Lights On/Off toggle.

The second lets you view your connected instrument info.

The third is Automatic Target Recognition. When depressed, ATR is active.

The fourth button provides easy selection of EDM measuring modes.

The fifth toggles automatic centering of the map view.

The sixth allows you to adjust your instrument tolerances.

The seventh button is for activation and de-activation of the leveling laser.

The eighth allows you to adjust your search settings.

The ninth is used when rotating your total station.

The tenth button allows you to change to a different instrument.

The last button is move-by-keys toggle. When this button is active, you can rotate the instrument about its axes by using the up/down/left/right cursor keys (or joystick control) on your handheld device.

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