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The FieldGenius tablet / desktop version helps you work with your FieldGenius projects

The interface and commands are very similar to the one you use on your data collector so there is virtually no learning curve.

What kinds of things can you do with the desktop version?

  • Use FieldGenius on tablet devices.
  • Use FieldGenius on your desktop computer.
  • Use a bigger screen to complete your survey work.
  • Connect to Total Stations and GPS receivers.
  • Import large ASCII files and create a FieldGenius Project before you head to the field
  • Download your FieldGenius Projects and review them with office staff
  • Import a large DXF file for viewing and adding coordinates
  • Import and view LandXML files prior to heading for the field
  • Enter templates, alignments, profiles from drawing or plans into a FieldGenius project
  • Edit and reprocess your FieldGenius raw files
  • Modify your AutoMap library before starting your job

It is free to install and use in demo mode and is limited to 30 points. To unlock all the functionality you need to buy the required modules just as you would for the mobile version.

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