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It's Easy to Use

The logical options on the screen reflect the time and experience we have with mobile devices. Larger buttons with the ability to change shot modes, target height, next point number, and connectivity options increase productivity.

Our simple connectivity system (no coding) is easier to use than any other data collector.  If you want to connect your shots, just pick the line button and start taking shots.  No predefined code needs to be chosen. 

Our simple pop up description list makes it easy to label shots.  Multiple lines can be joined at the same time with the same code.

Smart Points:

In this screen shot, we have just picked a point.

A number of logical options are immediately available to you. There is no need to "learn" how to get to staking from the graphics - you just pick the Stake button from the bottom row of the point toolbar.

These options make it easier to get started with FieldGenius when compared to other collectors. And they make FieldGenius more productive every hour of every day you use the program.

Smart Lines:

In this shot, we have just picked a line. The line was imported from a CAD program. Immediate options include staking, listing, & computing ties to points perpendicular to the line.

You can even make it a current line so you could start picking up data and add to the line. If you are picking up a string of points, you can reverse the line and continue from the other end. Perpendicular ties are a snap to any point.

In the next screen shot, we picked the Info button, and you can see the report on the line.

Line information in the scrolling info window:

This window will zoom to fill the screen if you tap it so you can read all the info

All the information you need on a line is displayed:

  • Both Horizontal and Slope distance
  • Grade
  • Elevation difference
  • Azimuth
  • Connected point information

One Tap to Common Options:

The large icon on the main work screen takes you to the system menu.

FieldGenius has been expanded and improved in many areas.  Project options and instrument routines have been completely re-written.  We improved every facet of instrument communication and control.

Full Screen Mode for Productivity:

In this screen capture, the full screen mode has been toggled on to show the amount of graphics available in FieldGenius. 

FieldGenius is productive, because you can do more from the graphics screen.  You have fewer picks to get around the program.  Less time is spent staring at menus and buttons while you are navigating the program.

With FieldGenius all the commands you need are at your fingertips.

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