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Intelligent Display

To help you work faster, MicroSurvey introduced with FieldGenius a new scroll window that shows you
the shots and coordinates. This capability can improve the ease and speed of your survey data collection
by giving you instant feedback on processes and calculations. The "info" button toggles the display on and off.

A dashed line shows the most recent measurement taken. The Triangle shows the location of the prism and the direction back to the instrument.   In a robotic instrument, the triangle turns solid when tracking, and it
rotates to show the direction of travel.

To make it easier for you, we display the next point number and current target height on the screen.

Current commands are shown in large text at the top of the display window. For example the Zoom Window command shown here:

Interested in trying our outstanding Tablet/Desktop Version?  The tablet/desktop version supports all the devices, and can be run in portrait (Pocket PC, Recon) or Landscape (Ranger, Recon, Tracker) formats.  Download it here.

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