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Superior Data Import

FieldGenius continues MicroSurvey's history for flexible methods for importing data from other systems.

Import LandXML Data

FieldGenius contains an XML reader with support for points, lines, arcs, spirals, parcels, surfaces, horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, templates, and cross sections.

LandXML is a common, open data format that describes industry-specific data such as points, parcels, and alignments. Land development professionals worldwide use LandXML to make the data they create more accessible to every project participant.

Data can go directly from Land Development Desktop, CAiCE Visual PE, Bentley inRoads, Eagle Point 2002, Trimble TerraModel, or any other software that supports the LandXML schema, to FieldGenius without the need for converting your data. As a result, data can be efficiently transferred and accessible for your project. By utilizing LandXML as our internal data format, FieldGenius not only provides interoperability between different application software, but also between varying versions of that software.

Import and Stake Directly from a DXF File
Importing a drawing is a great way to prepare for a trip to the field. With FieldGenius XG your drawing will appear with more detail than other data collectors. Our drawing import shows blocks, text, polylines, lines, arcs, points, surfaces, and more! FieldGenius XG allows you to turn on and off layers in the CAD drawing to make it easier to see the information that is important to you.  Our latest feature with DXF import is direct coordination and staking of DXF items.  When you select lines, arcs, points, polylines, blocks, or text, points are added to the database, and linework is converted automatically to figures.  You can setup, backsight, and stake directly from the DXF objects!

Import Control Points
Import a point control file from either an existing ASCII point file or your LandXML data. If your current design software supports LandXML and control points, your control point data will automatically be available in your FieldGenius project without the need for conversions or separate control files.

Import ASCII Points
Import point data from an ASCII format file into your FieldGenius project. This allows coordinate data to be transferred from virtually any application into a FieldGenius project.

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