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Advanced Autodesk Land Development Desktop Support

With many of our FieldGenius customers using LDD, we decided to add an interface to LDD that is unmatched in the industry.  Autodesk's Survey module for LDD uses FBK files for raw data storage and processing.  Now, FieldGenius will directly export an FBK file so you can import directly with Survey.

The FieldGenius FBK file contains coordinates, and linework.  The linework is imported into LDD as true "figures".  This makes it easy to use these figures in LDD for breaklines or anything you choose!

Once you have exported the FBK file from FieldGenius, just import into LDD:

Select the FBK file, pick Ok, and the program will import the linework and coordinates.  This makes it painless to survey in FieldGenius and process using LDD.  No other software is required!

Here is a point listing from LDD:

FieldGenius makes it easy to work with Land Development Desktop workstations!

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