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One-Tap measure and Store Shot Functionality

To make data collection even simpler, use the Auto-Store method to shoot, record, and draw the point all in one tap.

When selected, this will instruct the
instrument to take a shot, draw and
record the point. The point will be stored with the current Description (Feature Code) and Target Height using the next available point number.

This method can be very efficient in situations where you are able to select the feature code before measuring.

Shown here are some of the shot options available in FieldGenius:

Many other options are available by pressing the Next button:

Smart Toolbars:

You no longer have to wade through several menus and screens to get access to the functions you use most. MicroSurvey created Smart toolbars to give you quick access to the functions you use all the time. A Smart Toolbar pops up on the bottom of the screen that provides quick access to commonly used functions as you select specific items from your drawing using the stylus.

There are Toolbars for points, lines, staking and more.

Point Toolbar:

Line Toolbar:

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