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Painless Data Transfer

MicroSurvey has been building software that communicates with data collectors since the '80s. When we decided to create FieldGenius, one of the top priorities was a smooth transfer of data to the desktop and back.

ActiveSync connects the Windows CE device to your desktop (or laptop) computer.  We automatically provide communication inside ActiveSync to move your FieldGenius projects between desktop software and the collector. Our new solution, called MicroSurvey Transfer shows you files on your desktop and data collector. Moving files back and forth is done by simply selecting them and pressing the arrow button. There is no need to create a partnership with your device. Options are available to autostart MicroSurvey Transfer when connecting, and to supress the Activesync "Create Partnership" prompt that appears when you dock an unknown device.

Once downloaded, you can manipulate the jobs with a number of different packages.  Here are some of your options:

  1. Use your existing software.  FieldGenius creates a DXF file of the graphics that you create, an ASCII file of coordinates you collected, and a TDS format RAW file that can be imported into virtually any surveying software.
  2. Use MicroSurvey CAD Basic Version: All the line work and coordinates that you create in FieldGenius are automatically inserted into the CAD drawing - including symbols of your choice!  This inexpensive package will do full COGO (plus batch COGO), adjustments, areas, subdivision design, simple labeling, and full spreadsheet manipulation of the coordinates or raw data. This program also allows you to auto-coordinate lines, points, or arcs (from a DXF, DGN or DWG file) and send the linework and coordinates to FieldGenius.
  3. If you are looking for a complete AutoCAD replacement, plus a complete surveying & design system, then MicroSurvey CAD is the solution.  This powerful program provides you will all the tools a Surveyor needs.  The same functionality can be added to AutoCAD by using our inCAD product.

Other painless data transfer options from FieldGenius include our powerful FBK (Autodesk LDD format) file creation capability.

Our latest addition to the FieldGenius transfer options is our new stake from DXF capabilities. Just drag a DXF file into FieldGenius and you can import into any job. Pick a line, arc, point, polyline, block, or text in the DXF file and you can immediately coordinate and stake the item. Linework is added to FieldGenius so you can stake with stationing and offsets automatically. It's painless!

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