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FieldGenius Fast Feature Comparison Note, this is a list of all module features. Please see the detailed comparison that shows the features available on a module by module basis.

FieldGenius "Total Station"
Modern Windows Interface with Smart Menus, Smart Objects, Incredible Graphics
The Drawing is Primary to the Interface
Real-Time Drawing Generation with Automatic Linework
Built in COGO - Intersections, Inversing, Traversing
Enter, Edit, and Stake Points
One Button Project Manager
DXF Import for Background Project View
DXF Coordination of lines, arcs, polylines, points...
FBK Export for painless Autodesk LDD Import of raw data, points, and linework
ASCII Import / Export
Automatic Traversing (1 Set, 2 Set, n Sets)
Traverse Closure Calculations
Raw Data Editing
Traverse re-coordination in the collector
Closure Calculations
Angular Adjustment, Compass Balance
Extensive Total Station Support
Support for Multiple Hardware Platforms
One Button File Transfer to Desktop Systems
3D Data View with Dynamic Zoom, Pan, Scroll
Advanced Features (requires Advanced Option)
LandXML Project Explorer
Surface Modeling in Real Time (re-TINs surface with each shot!)
LandXML Alignment, Cross Section, Zone Staking
Fixed Area Calculations
Volume Calculations
Stake to DTM
Contouring in real-time (re-computes Contours with each shot!)
GIS Attribute Collection
3D Alignment, Cross Section, and Template View
Shaded, Rendered View of Surface Data
Robotics (requires Robotics Option)
Support for Trimble, Geodimeter, Topcon, Leica
Turn to Point
Navigate to Stake Point
Search for Prism
Joystick Instrument Control
Radio Support
RC2 (Topcon Support)
Automatic Prism Tracking
Full RTK GPS support (Requires GPS Option)
Profiles for Multiple Receivers - Makes Setup Easy
Works with Leica, Trimble, Topcon/Sokkia, Altus, Magellan/Ashtech, NovAtel, FOIF, Hi-Target, Champion, Stonex and Hemisphere
Support for OmniStar, Veripoz and StarFire
Full RTK Support with Tracking Icon on Graphics
Automatic Geodetic Transformations from WGS84 to Local Coordinate Systems
Constant Feedback from GPS Toolbar - HDOP, VDOP, PDOP, Satellites
Heads Up Display shows Lat/Long or Grid Coordinates
Local Transformation (Helmert)
Horizontal / Vertical Adjustment
Statistical Analysis with Residuals and RMS
RTK network support using NMEA data