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FieldGenius Linework Collection Example

This viewer is enabled in your browser through an Active X control. This control is automatically loaded. If you see a prompt to load the HOOPS 3D Stream Control, please answer Yes. You might see these prompts.

This survey was performed using FieldGenius by a single crew. Thousands of shots were taken, and this is the exact graphics image they created in the data collector. Imagine trying to connect the dots on this project!

A few tips on how to use the control.

  • Hold down your left mouse button and move slowly to orbit the drawing
  • To zoom, right click on the window and choose either "Zoom" or "Zoom to Window".
    • In Zoom mode, you hold the left mouse button down and move up and down on the drawing to zoom in and out.
    • In Zoom to Window mode, you click and hold on the drawing and move the mouse to define the zoom window. When you release the mouse button it performs the zoom.
  • To Pan, right click and choose Pan from the Menu
  • Click on the Axis arrows (Red, Green, Blue) to rotate the image to that plane. Click accurately, as it is a very precise control. Click in the Grey arcs to get an ISO view. Clicking on the Red Z axis will restore the image to top/plan view.
  • Right click on the window to get a menu of display options
  • If the image is not clear (ie. totally distorted), you may need to change to software rendering. To do this:
    • Right click on the image
    • Choose Window Color ...
    • Click "Use Software Rendering"
    • Click Ok

The HOOPS 3D Stream Control did not load correctly. Please check your browser security settings.