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Wireless Total Station Radios

FieldHawk is the most flexible and versatile wireless land surveying radio system available.

FieldHawk uses the latest Bluetooth technology to provide you with a powerful, flexible system at a very affordable price.

Flexibility is important, and FieldHawk's versatility will allow you to use our radios for many different applications. Use it as a cable replacement between a data collector and a surveying total station, as well as a radio link for remote control, or robotic surveying applications.


FieldHawk Dual-Wireless Kit

Total Wireless Connectivity at the Prism Pole plus Long Range Wireless Data Link for Robotic Total Stations

The FieldHawk Dual-Wireless Kit uses two radios paired together to form a long range wireless link.

What is unique about this version is that it includes a second short range Bluetooth radio at the pole for a complete wireless solution.  Simply connect your data collector with a Bluetooth connection instead of using a serial cable.

The FieldHawk radio system can be used by robotic instrument users, or by those wanting remote control from the prism pole for two person crews. With wireless link distance of over 1200 feet, you can use this radio kit for all your short to medium range land surveying projects.

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