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FieldHawk Dual Kit
When you pair two FieldHawk radios to one another, you end up with a long range wireless link. Our FieldHawk Dual kit uses high powered class I Bluetooth radios for superior performance.

Depending on your equipment and needs, this type of link can be used in the following ways.

Conventional Total Station
If you are using a conventional total station, you can use two radios to provide a wireless link for remote control of the instrument from the prism pole. The more experienced surveyor or party chief can run the data collector at the pole, while the less experienced helper can operate the instrument.

Robotic Total Station
If you use a robotic total station you can use two radios to provide your wireless link. FieldHawk is light and easy to carry around




compared to other radio technologies. The long range capabilities of FieldHawk will help you get those long shots; no more walking closer to the instrument to regain a connection.

This type of configuration gives you the following benefits:

  • Weight - Our FieldHawk radios are light. Less weight at the rod decreases user fatigue meaning more productivity in the field.
  • Configurable - With two FieldHawk radios, you can configure them so they can be used has cable replacement radios when not needed for robotic or remote use.
  • Reliable - FieldHawk includes a high capacity internal battery plus has an external battery compartment. You will never have to worry about not having enough battery life to finish a job.

Every FieldHawk Dual kit includes the following items:

  • 2 FieldHawk Radios
  • 1 Soft Case
  • 1 Soft Case with pole clamp
  • 2 Smart Chargers