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MicroSurvey inCAD 2012 now has the same powerful and fast database enjoyed by MicroSurvey CAD users, which includes Alphanumeric support, GIS Feature Attributes support, and more!

Alphanumeric Support - MicroSurvey inCAD now has full alphanumeric point name support. Give your point names more relevant meaning such as STK1, or RP1, or CHK1.

Feature File Support - You can now add, edit and view point feature data. If feature data is collected using FieldGenius, the feature files will automatically import back into MicroSurvey inCAD.

Standardized Database - New is a standardized database (DBF) format for all databases created by MicroSurvey inCAD. The new database format is quicker, more stable, and more compact than previous versions.

Compressed Database - The main project database is now automatically compressed when you close your project. On average, the new compressed database is 90% smaller in size compared to previous versions. The new database has an “msz” extension.

Faster Importing and Processing - Many of the routines you use on a daily basis have been sped up. Importing ASCII files, processing measurement files, and importing FieldGenius projects is on average 25% faster.

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