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Top Features of inCAD

 Complete Traverse or Network Adjustments

MicroSurvey inCAD supports a full range of Traverse Adjustment Tools:

Angle Balance
Transit, Compass, Crandall's classical methods
Vertical Balance
Full 3D Least Squares Adjustment with:

Blunder detection
Instrument Storage
Graphical Ellipse Display
Reprocessing and Pre-analysis

A full 3D least squares adjustment can be done if there is redundancy in your traverse network. It is fully integrated to directly read MicroSurvey traverse files, sort the observation data, compute adjusted coordinate values for all points (including sideshots) and update your drawing database. The program supports adjustment in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions and provides three levels of reporting, complete with statistical analysis.

This is just the tool you need for computing closed traverse networks that are not easily balanced using traditional methods. Integrated in the adjustment package is blunder detection, published instrument errors, graphical elipse display, reprocessing and network pre-analysis.