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Top Features

  Contractor Friendly
  MicroSurvey Point Prep is designed for the construction market.
  Point Prep is streamlined for preparing layout and as-built work, and for creating professional CAD drawings from that work.
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  Easy Calculations
  Quickly and accurately enter measurements from a paper plan.
  Compute building corners, offsets, and other key points.
  Compute distances, angles, areas, and volumes with the powerful and easy-to-use calculating tools.
  Compute points with Point Prep’s powerful coordinate geometry (COGO) tool.
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  Coordinate AutoCAD Drawings
  Instantly add coordinates to existing AutoCAD DWG and DXF drawing files.
  Work with drawings received from engineers, sub-contractors, or other third parties.
  Select existing point nodes, lines, arcs, polylines, blocks, and more to accurately create points in your database, with no calculations or hand entry needed!
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  Drawing Preparation Tools
  Point Prep contains several tools designed to remove much of the CAD work from preparing a CAD drawing for layout.
  Use the Rescale Drawing Wizard to instantly rebase a drawing from one unit to another (Inches to Feet, etc).
  Use the Drawing Cleanup Wizard to quickly simplify a drawing by removing unwanted entities.
  Use the align drawings command to easily align drawing data from one drawing to another, or from one coordinate system to another.
  The Draworder Wizard can be used to instantly fix common draworder problems so that important data in a drawing is not obscured.
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  Active Drawing Technology
  MicroSurvey’s Active Drawing Technology is an efficient way to work with your data in an intuitive yet powerful spreadsheet view.
  Use the Points Database to Verify, Edit, and Print your points database. Read notes, view photo notes, and listen to voice notes recorded with MicroSurvey Layout, view your points in Google Maps, and use the built-in History tool to review any changes.
  Use the Measurements Database to Verify and Print your layout and as-built measurement data. Highlight relevant points in your drawing by selecting their measurement records in the database. Instantly generate layout cutsheet reports that summarize what points have been located, along with point deviations and cut/fill values, and an intuitive spreadsheet view.
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  DTM Surface Modeling
  With MicroSurvey’s powerful surface modeling engine, you can build surface models with ease.
  Use points and existing linework to create a surface and break lines.
  Create 3D TIN models.
  Create contour lines.
  Label contour lines.
  Create profiles.
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  Volume Calculations
  Volumes are computed fast and easy.
  Compute volumes between multiple surfaces, or between a surface and a specific elevation.
  Use the entire surface model, or constrain it within a specific area.
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  MicroSurvey Layout Integration
  Point Prep syncs easily with MicroSurvey Layout.
  Download and import MicroSurvey Layout as-built projects to prepare as-built reports and CAD drawings.
  Download and import Layout staking data for cut sheet generation.
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