Updating your USB License Key

Step 1

Open your Windows Start Menu and find USB License Manager under "All Programs" or simply manually search for the program.



When the program opens confirm the version is "v2.0" in the title bar. If not, repeat step 1 and look for a version that says "64-bit".

Your USB Key ID should automatically be displayed (you do not type the key ID in the this box).


Step 2 

Choose "Update Key with New Information".

The display should turn green when the key has been successfully updated.


Step 3

Review the Available Licenses and Expiry Dates.

If you don't see the correct product listed, or expiry date appears to be incorrect please contact us.

Your key is now updated. You should be able to run IMS Map360 successfully.


Important Note: Many law enforcement agencies and company offices have firewall settings which prevents USB License manager from contacting our server. If this occurs the error message below will display when opening USB License Manager. This common problem is usually resolved by completing the following:

  1. Take the USB Key home
  2. Download and install USB License Manager on your home PC or Laptop (Download Link)
  3. Update the key using the steps above
  4. Bring the USB Key back to your office and plug it into your workstation
  5. Run IMS Map360

See this link for more information about the error.


Having Trouble?

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