MicroSurvey DC6

Features & Value: Taken to the Next Level


A reliable and feature-packed data collector, at an astounding price. The DC6 picks up where the DC5 left off; adding a faster processor, a 9-pin serial port, and more storage space.


The DC6 strikes an unprecedented value when it comes to a rugged handheld data collector. This feature-packed device is a simple yet powerful solution to your biggest field data challenges.


Your choice of pre-installed software:

FieldGenius - Code-free linework, smart points and live graphics make FieldGenius the choice of any land surveyor that values productivity.

Layout - For the construction layout professional, Layout gives you all the tools you need to layout your points and lines accurately and easily.

Competes with top-of-the-line data collectors, yet at a fraction of the price.

User Interface
Display - Full VGA sunlight readable TFT with a 480 x 640 resolution
Keypad - Glove proof alphanumeric keypad Dual sustomisable shortcut keys
OS - Full blown Windows embedded handheld 6.5 Professional

Instrument Communication
Bluetooth® - Class 2 Bluetooth® 2.1 EDR
RS232 - Industrial standard DB9

Office / Cloud Communication
WLAN - 802.11 a/b/n
Cellular - 3.75G cellular modem
Five Band UMTS/ HSPA+ (WCDMA/ FDD) - 850/800,900, 1900 and 2100 MHz
Quad-Band GSM - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
USB - High speed USB-OTG port

Internal - 512 MB program memory, 8 GB storage capacity
Micro SD - SDHC supported Micro SD card slot
USB OTG - Mass-Storage device support

Processor - TI Sitara™ AM335x running at 1Ghz
Battery power - Removable Li-Ion smart battery 3400mAh 7.2V 24.48Wh
Operating time - Up to 10 Hours

GNSS module - 72 channel uBlox module with raw data output capabilities
Solutions - GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1B/C - SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
Update rate - 1 Hz
Accuracy - 2.5 m CEP (Auto.) / 2.0 m CEP (SBAS)
Startup - Cold: 30sec. / Hot: 1sec

Camera - Auto focus 5MP Dedicated camera key

Dimensions - 192*93*42mm
Weight - 575g (Including Battery)
Operating temp. - -30°C to +60°C
Protection class - IP65 dust and waterproof
Humidity - 5 to 95% non-condensing

MicroSurvey DC6

MicroSurvey DC6
FieldGenius Standard
$2,790.00 US

MicroSurvey DC6
FieldGenius Premium
$3,490.00 US

MicroSurvey DC6
FieldGenius Standard
$3,533.00 CDN

MicroSurvey DC6
FieldGenius Premium
$4,338.00 CDN