MicroSurvey embeddedCAD and inCAD Training Movies

Some of these movies may have been recorded in a previous version of or even in another one of our products, but in these cases the concepts being demonstrated are identical. Please note that embeddedCAD and inCAD are based on the AutoCAD© CAD engine thus the majority of CAD functions are demonstrated in other online resources such as the Autodesk© YouTube Channel.


Viewing Tips:

Each movie has a toolbar for controlling display size and playback, just mouse over player to see options while viewing.



A package of all these movies can be downloaded from this link. Unzip the file and double click on "embeddedcad.htm" to launch the local movies page in your browser.

Movie Section List


Survey Editing Commands

COGO Commands

Batch COGO

Survey Drawing Commands

Importing Field Data

Surface Modeling & Contours (Premium)

Volume Calculations (Premium)

AutoRoute Examples (Premium)




How to Register your Program

Start the program and overview


Survey Editing Commands

Viewing, Selecting and Editing in the Active Coordinate Editor

Coordinate Systems in the Active Coordinate Editor

Independant Point IDs, Descriptions and Elevations

Zoom to a Point

Point Editing and Grips

CAD Lines Dialog

CAD Curves Dialog

Rotating Using CAD

Rotating using the Survey Database

Rotate, Translate and Scale Function

Geodetic Utilities

Helmert Transformation

Point Clusters

Lot Closure Reports

AutoMap Wildcards and Substitution Codes


COGO Commands

Start COGO - Enter new Point - Bearing Distance entry

Turned Angle entry

Two Point Inverse

Bearing - Bearing Intersection

Distance - Distance Intersection

3 Point Inverse for Curves and Offset Reports

Bearing - Distance Intersection

Deflection Angle entry

Bearing Offset entry

Bearing + Angle entry

Distance entry as a Formula

Distance - Angle Intersection

Curve entry

Distance - Distance Intersection

COGO Entry with Bearing Rotation

Output Scale factor and Labeling Styles

Input Scale Factor

Enter a Lot using Azimuths



Batch COGO

Batch COGO - New Batch and Lot Entry

Batch COGO - House Corners

Batch COGO - Edit and Rerun

Batch COGO - Continue and Edit Again


Survey Drawing Commands

Rescale Complete Drawing

Surveyor's View Part 1

Surveyor's View Part 2

Leroy Text Tool

MS Text Tool


Importing Field Data

FieldGenius SyncWizard

Import Leica Data

Import TDS format RW5 or RAW

Import ASCII (text) Points file


Surface Modeling & Contours (Premium)

Creating a Surface from Points and Breaks

Special Cases for Surface Creation

Inspecting your Surface

Controlling Display of Surface with Boundaries

Drawing and Labeling Contours

Intersect Slope

3D Offset

Auto Site Design


MS Flatten


Volume Calculations (Premium)

Choosing a Volumetrics Method

Surface Volumetrics

Volumes using the Area Method

Verifying Area Method Volume Results

Entity Volumetrics and Surface Area



AutoRoute Examples (Premium)

Create or Import Horizontal Alignment

Create or Import Vertical Alignment

Create Template

Using the Alignment Browser and Creating a Design Surface

Plotting Cross Sections from an Alignment

Label Alignment

Sewer Design


Create a Table of Structures