MicroSurvey Data Exchange (MSDX) Training Movies

Some of these movies may have been recorded in a previous version of or even in another one of our products, but in these cases the concepts being demonstrated are identical.


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Movie Section List

Overview Workflow Reference
CAD Command Reference Survey Data Reference




Introduction to MicroSurvey Data Exchange  


Workflow Reference: AutoCAD Drawing to MicroSurvey CAD and FieldGenius

1. AutoCAD2008 DWG to MicroSurvey CAD 2. AutoAdd Points to Objects
3. Export Points to ASCII, FieldGenius, or Data Collector file 4. Uploading to FieldGenius
5. Open and see the job in FieldGenius 6. Saving MicroSurvey Data in Other Formats


CAD Command Reference

Zooming and Panning  
Entity Properties Overview Explorer Dialog Overview
Using Grips Move command
Delete command Erase Selected
Layout Mode Printing/Plotting


Survey Data Reference

Labeling Defaults Hot Toggles
Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Point IDs AutoMAP Library
Mouse options - CADLines/Curves Text Editing Point Editing options
CADLines, CADCurves and AUTOP MSBackup command
Download and Import from FieldGenius ASCII Import
Active Coordinate Editor Rescale Complete Drawing
Feature File Support Transform database between two Pre-Defined Systems