Westbank, BC – MicroSurvey® released FieldGenius XG 2.0 builds for the Ranger and Recon.

They include all the features of FieldGenius XG 2.0 such as:

  • Xtreme Graphics with 3D perspective views
  • Direct support for LandXML files with alignments, parcels, points, geometry, and surfaces
  • Real time surface generation with TINs, Contours, and shaded surface views all performed interactively while collecting points using total stations or GPS
  • Full RTK GPS support for Leica, Ashtech, Sokkia, Novatel, Topcon/Javad, and Trimble
  • Advanced drawing support reads DXF files with lines, arcs, polylines, text, blocks, 3D faces and more
  • LandXML Alignment staking with templates and cross sections
  • LandXML Writer for storing alignments, profiles, and templates
  • LandXML DTM Surface staking
  • dBase coordinate database with alphanumeric labels

Download a free 10-point demo of the software from the FieldGenius XG 2.0 download page.

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