(West Kelowna, BC, Canada – November 29, 2016) – MicroSurvey Software Inc. and Pix4D SA are proud to announce a global partnership which will provide end-to-end solutions to a wide range of customers. By combining products and competencies, the companies bring expert solutions to customers adopting UAV and photogrammetry technology.

Focusing primarily on Forensic Accident and Crime Scene investigation, Pix4D and MicroSurvey will create software bundles for complete solutions, enabling field-to-office workflows for anyone using photogrammetry. The combined solutions for both Forensic and Land Surveying markets will be available online and through existing MicroSurvey distribution channels.

“We’re very excited to partner with Pix4D, and by offering their solution with our own products, we aim to provide our clients the tools they need to adopt mapping techniques like photogrammetry.” said Michael Bachinski, Global Business Development Manager at MicroSurvey Software. “We’re seeing market needs change drastically as the UAV market continues to grow. With our combined products, we’ll be able to provide smooth solutions, develop workflows and best practices, as well as provide training.”

“Drone-based photogrammetry is a disruptive technology for accident scene investigation, and we are enthusiastic to partner with forensics software leader MicroSurvey.” said Lorenzo Martelletti, Sales and Marketing Director at Pix4D. “Investigators can use UAVs to capture data in minutes, allowing for an extremely fast cleanup of the scene. Accurate post-cleanup measurements are done virtually in Pix4Dmapper, and further transformed into court-ready documents using IMS Map360.”

About MicroSurvey

MicroSurvey Software Inc., a member of the Hexagon family of companies, has been developing software and hardware solutions for the surveying and mapping industry for more than thirty years.

About Pix4D

Pix4D, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of advanced photogrammetry software. Pix4D is the market leader in the creation of orthomosaic images and point clouds from drone imagery.

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