Westbank, BC – MicroSurvey® offers the new FieldGenius ValuePack for $599 (USD). Add an HP 2215 Pocket PC for $399 or less from your local electronics store and surveyors take home the best value in data collection available.

The FieldGenius ValuePack includes a heavy-duty, ruggedized PDA protector (with lifetime guarantee), 128 MB Compact Flash storage card loaded with FieldGenius XG 2.0, and DB9 cable that works with standard total station cables.

“Surveyors are always looking for great value,” says Darcy Detlor, president of MicroSurvey. “The new FieldGenius ValuePack really compares well feature-for-feature against any other data collection package out there, plus it’s much cheaper than a Recon with similar processing power.”

MicroSurvey recommends surveyors run the ValuePack’s FieldGenius XG 2.0 program on the new HP 2215 Pocket PC which is the most powerful data collector for its price on the market. The HP 2215 comes with field-replaceable Li-ion battery, 400 MHz XScale, 64 MB internal memory, and brilliant color screen for the low price of $399. View the detailed list of specifications or compare with the Recon 400

Customers are finding FieldGenius XG 2.0 to be a very productive data collection program with it’s intuitive, Tap’n Survey, Windows interface. Take shots, stake points, edit coordinates, or stake a line with a single tap that takes you directly to the function you want. FieldGenius’ advanced Autodesk Land Desktop Support makes it possible to export your field data to an FBK file and import directly into LDD.

“The program has really helped all our surveyors, says Mike Gall, owner of Advanced Lasers and Instruments, a FieldGenius dealer in Indiana. “FieldGenius makes layout a breeze whether they’re a building contractor or surveyor. And they can get it for much less cost. The new GPS software in particular is easier to use.”

Surveyors can upgrade from FieldGenius XG 2.0 Basic version with the GPS (RTK support) module, PRO (DTM, stakeout and alignment) or Robotic instrument control.

Download a free 10-point demo of the software from the FieldGenius XG 2.0 download page.

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