Jason Poitras, former sales associate and now Technical Training Facilitator at MicroSurvey, Inc., now offers online training as well as scheduled classroom training courses on a regular basis. The courses are MSCAD 2002, MSX 2002, inCAD and FieldGenius.

Jason’s goal is to offer training options that are more affordable as well as being practical. You can learn online on your own computer by following the instructor’s mouse as he takes you through the program. The instruction begins when the student is emailed a message with a hotlink. As the student clicks on the link, the instructor’s screen appears in a special view on their computer. As the instructor moves his mouse or uses a program such as MSCAD, the student sees everything happen in real time. A high speed internet connection is required and voice communication is maintained over a regular phone line.

For those who prefer more conventional teaching methods, classroom training and on-site training are still available. Check the current schedule of classes, or contact Jason to schedule your own. Scheduled classroom training occurs in Kelowna, British Columbia, and in other cities based on demand. Bring your skis if coming to Kelowna.

For more info about MicroSuvey training options, call or email Jason, 1-800-663-3312.


MicroSurvey Software, Inc. is a BC Corporation located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. The company founder and president started providing solutions for the Land Surveying industry in 1985. In the past 5 years, new products have enabled the company to grow from a small family business into a bustling, energetic enterprise. In 2001 MicroSurvey was ranked 40th fastest growing company in Canada in Profit Magazine’s annual listing.

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