MicroSurvey Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has secured financing from a small group of “Angel” investors. Almost $700,000 was raised in this initial round, which will primarily be used for sales and marketing purposes. Included in the list of investors is Mr. Don Baxter, a successful Vancouver businessman with holdings in numerous companies, and Mr. Jess Alfonso, owner of Seamark Development Corporation, Vice President and Director of Pacific Opportunity Company Ltd., and Vice President of Upper Valley Aviation Ltd. Mr. Alfonso also serves on the Board of Directors of Sun-Rype Products Ltd.

“MicroSurvey has proven itself with its products and success.”, said Mr. Darcy Detlor, president and CEO of MicroSurvey, “Now, investors have joined our team with both their resources and considerable business experience. With their help we are ready to achieve even greater success with the exceptional products we have developed in the past year.”


MicroSurvey Software, Inc. is a BC Corporation located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. The company founder and president started providing solutions for the Land Surveying industry in 1985. In the past 5 years, new products have enabled the company to grow from a small family business into a bustling, energetic enterprise with a staff of 30. In 2001 MicroSurvey was ranked 40th fastest growing company in Canada in Profit Magazine’s annual listing.

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