Westbank, BC, Canada – A full featured drafting and calculating package has been well beyond the thousand dollar mark until MicroSurvey® CAD 2004 Standard edition. Included are a full featured calculating program and a powerful drafting engine that works very much like AutoCAD®.

“MicroSurvey utilizes a powerful CAD engine that saves surveyors thousands, yet does the job smoothly and with the same precision as other leading CAD engines,” says Mr. Darcy Detlor, MicroSurvey’s President. “We provide a safe alternative to the CAD that people feel they are forced to purchase, and at a very competitive cost.”

The program’s AutoCAD command line compatibility makes it a snap for AutoCAD users to adjust. Virtually no learning curve is required. Features that make it special compared to similar packages include a customizable interface – toolbars, menus and alias commands can all be adapted to suit the surveyor’s needs. Even more AutoCAD compatibility is provided in hatch file, linetype file, font file, and even shape file support. Drawing compatibility is no problem as MSCAD 2004 reads and writes DWG (2004) files as a native format.

Grips, Xrefs, Paperspace, and unlimited drawing capability showcase the power of the drafting engine. New Callout and Voice Note features allow for superb coordination between office team members as plans are processed from raw data to finished document. Adding redlining with verbal feedback right into the drawing is an effective way of communicating necessary changes.

For the surveyor, MicroSurvey CAD 2004 has the most powerful command line / batch COGO system of any CAD based surveying program on the market. COGO entries are recorded as you go, and can be edited / compiled in a spreadsheet editor. COGO sessions can be saved and replayed easily. Flexible entry modes are unmatched. High end survey calculations are included like linear regression tools, coordinate cluster analysis, grouping, 3D least squares, and advanced curve and line fitting solutions.

Active Drawing Technology™ really sets the product apart from the competition. With ADT, the drawing and database are visibly interconnected on the graphical display and the spreadsheet database. Updating the drawing instantly updates the spreadsheet, while updating the spreadsheet instantly updates the drawing. Revolutionary capabilities are provided using Excel™ type selection methods. Once you have selected coordinates in the spreadsheet and screen, you can perform numerous operations on them with full undo capabilities.

Breaking the thousand dollar barrier enables all surveying firms to provide full calculating and drafting functionality on all desktops. The ability to perform check calculations and then make redline changes at this price point is new to the surveying industry.

With thousands of satisfied users and an 18-year history of building software for land surveyors, MicroSurvey continues to push the envelope of price and performance in survey software. Combined with the FieldGenius line of data collection software, and the inCAD solution for AutoCAD users, MicroSurvey advances the technology for all surveyors.

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