MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MicroSurvey STAR*NET 9, the latest and highly anticipated version of the industry-leading STAR*NET least squares network adjustment suite. Perpetually licensed with four available feature levels – Lev, Standard, Plus and Pro – STAR*NET gives users the choice between several tiers of features to ensure they are getting precisely the tools they need for least-squares network adjustment.

According to Brian Sloman, MicroSurvey Development Manager and STAR*NET Product Manager, “STAR*NET 9 adds advanced new capabilities to the Integrated Data Editor which make it easier than ever to manually create, edit, review and debug the data files for your survey networks. The command autocompletion, popup syntax tips, and inline error messages will really benefit both beginner and advanced STAR*NET users alike. As a true 64-bit application, STAR*NET 9 can also now access more memory and execute faster than previous versions.”

What’s New in STAR*NET 9

  • 64-bit version which can support higher memory usage and faster execution;
  • Integrated Data Editor has been enhanced with several advanced tools…
    • Auto-Completion of inline option text to assist when manually entering data;
    • Popup Help Tips display the syntax for the currently selected data line;
    • Inline Error Messages appear at the exact location of any errors when an adjustment is run and can be jumped to directly from the Error Log;
    • Find Tips appear at the position of any find results when you either Find Text (Ctrl-F) or use the Advanced Find on a station name;
    • Advanced Find of a station name now also works from the Data Editor, highlights and bookmarks all matching results, and centers the network plot on that same station;
    • Column Editing lets you select and type columns of text, to make multi-line edits spanning multiple lines of similarly formatted text;
  • And more!

Customers with maintenance contracts can use STAR*NET 9 immediately after updating their license key and customers with expired maintenance or older versions, can purchase an upgrade to start using the latest features.

A fully functional free 10-day demo is available. For more information about STAR*NET 9 visit the product page at www.microsurvey.com, call MicroSurvey at 800-668-3312, or contact your local dealer.

To learn more or download a free demo, visit www.microsurvey.com/products/starnet.

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