July 12th, 2011 – West Kelowna, BC – MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the largest, most significant update to STAR*NET to date; now available for purchase or upgrade. STAR*NET is easily the most popular least squares utility used by land surveyors for network adjustment & quality control. The new Version 7 brings an incredible amount of workflow enhancements to help speed up this part of the process.

MicroSurvey purchased STAR*NET in 2010 and has worked tirelessly bringing dozens of enhancements and other requests into the new version. Wanting to leave the core functionality of STAR*NET intact, the development team has focused on bringing unobtrusive workflow tools and user-interface enhancements. More data import and conversion utilities, a better (and customizable) layout for multi-file projects, better plot visualization and navigation tools, a project manager for quick-starting and organizing commonly-used files, a color-coded data file editor, point search tools, more QC checks (e.g., differential leveling and GPS vector loop closure checks) and much more.

Every surveyor who currently has a copy of STAR*NET is strongly advised to get this update. Surveyors not yet using STAR*NET to correct and clean up their data before mapping, should start with Version 7. Build confidence by ensuring your field data is both accurate and correct.

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