Westbank, BC – MicroSurvey is pleased to announce a completely new version of our AutoCAD® based product MicroSurvey InCAD 2006. This version adds support for AutoCAD® 2006 and includes many of the new features that were introduced for our standalone system MicroSurvey CAD 2005.

“For the Land Surveying market, MicroSurvey inCAD continues to be one of the best add-on applications for AutoCAD®,” says MicroSurvey’s Director of Product Development, Jason Poitras. “Most programs for AutoCAD® are tailored to the Engineering community, and for the longest time Land Surveyors have accepted this. MicroSurvey inCAD fills a void by providing a software package that is built with the Land Surveyor in mind.”

Still breaking the thousand dollar barrier in price, inCAD enables surveying firms to provide full calculating and drafting functionality on all desktops. The ability to perform check calculations and then make redline changes at this price point is new to the surveying industry.

With thousands of satisfied users and over 20-years of building software for land surveyors, MicroSurvey continues to push the envelope of price and performance in survey software. Combined with the FieldGenius line of data collection software, and the inCAD solution for AutoCAD® users, MicroSurvey advances the technology for all surveyors.

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