MicroSurvey Inc. hosted an in house training event for AGL and Geomax North America employees and dealers. This training effort was designed to build dealer confidence using the new Geomax’ s FieldGenius 7 and Layout 2 software. MicroSurvey also took this opportunity to introduce and educate the dealers on complementary desktop products such as MicroSurvey CAD, Point Prep and STAR*NET. This will help the dealers showcase a full field to finish solution for their clients.

The training session was held over three days broken down into theory and hands on practical experience. We were able to take advantage of the above seasonal weather and went outside for the hands-on training portion where dealers were able to perform everyday surveying and mapping tasks using both Total Stations and GNSS receivers. We then brought the data collected in the field into the desktop products to demonstrate exactly how seamless the workflow is and how easy the programs are to use. Feedback was very positive and enthusiastic, everyone left with a better understanding on how they can help their customers produce their deliverables quickly and efficiently.

To view the training schedule, visit www.microsurvey.com/training

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