MicroSurvey Releases PointCloud CAD 2010

Westbank, BC – January 6, 2010 MicroSurvey enters the point cloud software market with PointCloud CAD 2010

Today MicroSurvey released a unique product for point cloud users. A powerful combination of CAD, point cloud manipulation, modeling, and animation gives point cloud users new tools that have not previously been available in a single package.

“We are quite excited about releasing PointCloud CAD as it will introduce MicroSurvey Software into a completely new field.  Our development team has been building this product for several years.” stated Darcy Detlor, MicroSurvey president. He continued “It includes components from other MicroSurvey products including our Capture Animation program and our MicroSurvey CAD Premium package.  The point cloud engine that we have utilized is licensed from Leica and is the same one they use in their own Cyclone 7 system.  It is incredibly powerful.”

MicroSurvey’s goal in creating the new PointCloud CAD program was to simplify the process of creating a deliverable.   There are dozens of tools available to view or model point clouds.  MicroSurvey integrated the CAD drawing and display along with the ability to animate CAD entities in the point cloud.  Many drawing and editing tools are included in PointCloud CAD to make creating a drawing from a point cloud simple.  The ability to mix and match point cloud data with CAD DWG drawing data is spectacular and is something that many users will love.  Animating a complex CAD object through a huge point cloud along any path is a simple process.  Multiple static and moving cameras make animations attractive and dynamic.

MicroSurvey Software Inc. has been developing software and hardware solutions for surveying and mapping for over twenty years. MicroSurvey Software is a two-time winner of PROFIT Magazine 100 Fastest Growing Companies and a winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Both have recognized MicroSurvey Software for its outstanding sales growth.
MicroSurvey Software Inc. is also spearheading the code free linework revolution in the data collection software market with its revolutionary FieldGenius 2010, the fastest data collection software available.

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