HxGN Content Program

Current and Quality Imagery for Industry Professionals

The HxGN Content Program is a cloud hosted service offering high quality, accurate geo-referenced and ortho-rectified imagery. MicroSurvey Software Inc. is a reseller of this imagery product through a partnership with Valtus. It is a subscription based service that streams the imagery to WMS capable software products. Digital image files are also available through the program. For more information and to view current coverage maps, visit the Valtus page.

  • The imagery loads in the background as you work.
  • No data massaging needed. 30 cm resolution, overlayed on your local coordinate system.
  • With HxGN Content Program images your Intellectual Property rights are clearly known.
  • Reliability for accuracy and quality.
  • Wide coverage through a single user interface.
  • Realize efficiencies in planning and workflow.
  • You own your geospatial data used in conjunction with the imagery and very liberal licenses for derived products.
  • HxGN Content Program has well defined positional accuracy standards that adhere to national mapping accuracy standard.
  • Ability to create stunning deliverables.
  • Current information with a planned refresh schedule.
  • Ability to order digital image files when required.

The HxGN Content Program imagery can be used to create professional products where the accuracy and quality of content is paramount. Your subscription allows you to create deliverables that contain the imagery, derive positional information from the imagery, and more.

MicroSurvey CAD and STAR*NET software can stream online content directly into the drawing view. Your subscription is not limited to MicroSurvey products however, as you can use it with your GIS software, CAD software, or handheld devices that support WMS or WMTS.

1. Project Planning – Overlaying geo-referenced property boundary lines over the highly accurate imagery will allow you to identify potential hazards and site conditions that could affect how you would price a job. Knowing what to expect when you arrive at site can also save a lot of time planning the workflow for a large area survey.

2. Quality control – When a detailed topographic survey has been completed, the high quality imagery can be used to check for missed features. The high accuracy will make it easy to overlay this for a close match with your own data that will highlight where the missed features are.

3. Natural Boundary Determination – Surveying the natural boundary of a lake, river, ocean or other water body can often be a time-consuming, dangerous and difficult task. With the HxIP Imagery, you can achieve results that in many cases will be comparable or better to a field survey when boundaries are inaccessible or difficult to measure using conventional or GNSS methodology.

4. Proposals – Quickly come up with proposals for developers by augmenting your own existing information with information from the HxIP imagery to compile a legitimate proposed plan of development that will closely agree with an actual field survey.

5. Presentation – Create deliverables that contain the HxIP imagery to present a stunning product for your clients.

With HxGN Content Program imagery, your Intellectual Property rights are clearly known. You own your geospatial data used in conjunction with the imagery and very liberal licenses for derived products; especially for those that don’t directly compete with the imagery. If you are using some “free” imagery from the public domain you might want to study the fine print before you click "Download".

For pricing information and to request a evaluation license, please contact MicroSurvey Sales at 1-800-668-3312.
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