MicroSurvey Point Prep Movies

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Overview Movies

Note: The following Overview Movies quickly demonstrate some of the key functionality available in MicroSurvey Point Prep, without going into detailed instructions. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the Point Prep training movies section below, and/or to the Point Prep help file.



Introduction to MicroSurvey Point Prep

Active Drawing Technology

Coordinate AutoCAD Drawings

Drawing Preparation Tools

Easy Calculations

MicroSurvey Layout Integration

DTM Surface Modeling

Volume Calculations


Training Movies

Note: The following Training Movies section is under construction. We are currently recording new Point Prep training movies to add here, please keep checking back as more are being added every few days.



How to register your program

Start the program and overview

Snapping Overview

Convert Drawing from one unit to another

Cleanup Drawing

Explorer Overview

Unit entry (Feet and Inches, etc)

CAD tips

Toolbox Assistant



Pad Builder

Offset Grid Lines

Point Patterns

Compute Stakes

Add Points to Objects


Draw Lines and Arcs

Draw Basic CAD Entities




Active Drawing Technology

Points Database Overview

Edit database points

Measurements Database Overview

Cut Sheets



Import ASCII

Export ASCII

Export and Upload to MicroSurvey Layout

Download and Import from MicroSurvey Layout

Save DWG

Save DXF

Stakeout Report



Create surface from points





Save/load surface




View points in Google maps

Coordinate Conversions



Copy Between Drawings


Supplementary Training Movies

Note: The following movies were recorded in another product called MicroSurvey CAD, but they are included here because the concepts being demonstrated are nearly identical to features that are available in MicroSurvey Point Prep. These movies may be useful until they can be replaced with new movies recorded in MicroSurvey Point Prep.


Workflow Reference (MSCAD)

1. AutoCAD2008 DWG to MicroSurvey Point Prep

2. Add Points to CAD Objects

3. Export to MicroSurvey Layout

4. Upload to MicroSurvey Layout

5. Open and see the project in Layout


CAD Command Reference (MSCAD)

Zooming and Panning


Entity Properties Overview

Explorer Dialog Overview

Using Grips

Move command

Delete command

Erase Selected

Layout Mode



Survey Data Reference (MSCAD)

Labeling Defaults

Hot Toggles

Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Point IDs

AutoMAP Library

Mouse Options

Point Editing options

CADLines, CADCurves and AUTOP

Backup command

Download and Import from Layout

ASCII Import

Points Database

Rescale Complete Drawing

Feature File Support

Transform database from NAD27 to NAD83


Raster Images Reference (MSCAD)

Insert and manipulate Raster image

Placing and Clipping a Geo-referenced TIF


Surface Modeling Reference (MSCAD)

1. Import an ASCII file

2. Z-Coding

3. Extract Points and Breaks to a Surface - TIN

4. Draw Tin - 3D Rendering

5. Contour Settings and Draw

6. Create a Boundary, redo contours

7. Contour Linetype, Labeling, 2 Options, Smoothing

8. Save the Surface File

9. AutoSite Design

10. Drape and Flatten



3D Offset

Intersect Slope


Volume Calculations Reference (MSCAD)

1. Importing Fieldwork for Volumes

2. Creating and Viewing Surfaces

3. Volumes using the Area Method

4. Verifying Area Method Volume Results

5. Volumes using the Surface Method

6. Save the Job and Surfaces