Point Prep Workspace Movies

Viewing Tips:

Each movie has a toolbar for controlling display size and playback, just mouse over player to see options while viewing.


Overview Movies

Learn how to open MicroSurvey CAD and switch to the Point Prep workspace.



Start the program and overview

The Point Prep Workspace

How to register your program

Grips and Properties


Training Movies

Note: Learn about MicroSurvey’s construction oriented Point Prep workspace.


Open CAD files

Open DWG or DGN file

General Configuration

Snapping Overview

Explorer Overview

Grips and Properties


Drawing Cleanup

External References

Unit Checks and the Drawing Rescale Wizard

CAD file Audit

Drawing Cleanup Wizard




Special Tools

Import BIM Overlay

The BIM Pane

BIM Visibility Options

Add Points to BIM Overlay

Transfer Points between MicroSurvey Jobs

Quick Printout

Align Between Drawings

Down and Out from a Line or Arc

Pad Builder

Point Patterns



Point Visibility Configuration

Add Single Points

Add Multiple Points

Add Points to Gridlines



Import FieldGenius

Import Leica Captivate

Import ASCII

Export ASCII

Import TDS RW5 or RAW

Jobxml Import

Export to FieldGenius

Export to other Field Software

Stakeout Report

Quick Printout


Surface Modeling & Contours

Creating a Surface from Points and Breaks

Special Cases for Surface Creation

Inspecting your Surface

Controlling Display of Surface with Boundaries

Drawing and Labeling Contours

Intersect Slope

3D Offset

Auto Site Design


MS Flatten


Volume Calculations

Choosing a Volumetrics Method

Surface Volumetrics

Volumes using the Area Method

Verifying Area Method Volume Results

Entity Volumetrics and Surface Area



Active Drawing Technology

Points Database Overview

GNSS Options in Points Database



Compute Stakes

Draw Lines and Arcs



Area using point numbers

Fast Area by Picking Objects


Additional Topics

Note: Point Prep is now a workspace inside MicroSurvey CAD. Please visit the MicroSurvey CAD movies page for many more videos.