In today’s video, we sit down for a STAR*NET chat with Tim McCall, managing director of McCall Consulting. Mr. McCall has a Bachelor’s in Surveying from Queensland University and has worked in Construction, Mining, Hydro, GIS, and Legal surveying over a 40-year career. Tim is a certified MicroSurvey STAR*NET trainer and provides customized training to clients.

In this video, Tim demos one of the many useful data customizing options in STAR*NET: the “Ground Point” file output.

In STAR*NET, it is easy to create a “ground points” file of transformed adjustment results. STAR*NET allows you to set rotations, translations, and transformations to create a secondary set of adjusted coordinates, which may include ground coordinates, localized site-specific coordinates, or coordinates in an adjacent zone to your current coordinate system. Where other adjustment programs typically force you to create coordinates in one coordinate system and manually compute localizations by some other method, STAR*NET allows you to create both simultaneously.

If you think that this feature would benefit your workflow, you are encouraged to request a demo from the MicroSurvey website and test out the ease of use for yourself!