• 2024Mar 7

STAR*NET 12.0.3

  • 2023Oct 31


STAR*NET 12 Overview
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STAR*NET has been trusted to deliver high quality adjustments since 1986. It has become the industry standard in many regions and is globally recognized among land surveyors today. MicroSurvey STAR*NET provides efficient data management, editing, and analysis tools, thorough reports, and the flexibility to easily integrate data from multiple hardware sources and manufacturers. STAR*NET 12 brings a significant reduction in the processing time for computing adjustments, easier data flow from field files into STAR*NET and an updated library of coordinate systems.
  • 2021Oct 13


10 Reasons To Use MicroSurvey STAR*NET
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MicroSurvey STAR*NET performs rigorous least-squares adjustments on field measurements to provide maximum precision in your projects, regardless of sensor or manufacturer. STAR*NET not only integrates data from multiple hardware sensor types, such as total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers, but remains brand-neutral as well. This means that it also supports data from most manufacturers, including Leica, Trimble, Topcon, Carlson, Spectra, Sokkia, and many more. The purpose of this paper is to identify simplified workflows in STAR*NET which allow seamless integration into current processes and hardware arrangements, in order to support the modern surveyor as they aim to provide the highest quality data to their clients in the most efficient method.
TDEF Converter
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A new converter for Trimble Data Exchange Format files has been added to the program. These files are .asc format and allow data to be exported from Trimble Business Center and converted to STAR*NET .dat files.
Floating Licenses
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A new floating license type has been added to STAR*NET 11. This license type does not require a USB key, and is available while connected to the internet.

License Dialog
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The license dialog has been updated to provide a more streamlined workflow for various license types.

  • 2020Jul 9


3D Network Plot

The network plot has been updated to utilize a 3D engine to display 3D objects.Users can now use preset views to set specific camera angles to view the network, set a rotation point, and use a free orbit to rotate the network plot.


New automatic iterative adjustment allows a user to set maximum standardized residual values allowed in the project, a number of outliers to remove per adjustment, and a maximum number of adjustments.

Sideshot Detection

A new checkbox in the “Special” tab in Project and Company options will automatically detect M records (measurements) that create a point with no redundancy and treat them as sideshots in the network when adjustments are performed.

Online License Activation

A new licensing system has been added to STAR*NET, which provides more secure demo licensing and the ability to work without a USB key. USB keys will continue to work with STAR*NET 10, and will continue to be the primary method of licensing.

  • 2019Jul 4


Coordinate Systems and JobXML

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Adjust your network in over 125 new coordinate systems, import with ease from JobXML files, and review more detailed information from the network plot.

Land XML Export

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You may now export the results of your adjustment to LandXML, for import into your preferred software package. Points are exported in point groups for applicable programs, and network connections are exported as lines.

Rotation Inline

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A plan rotation may now be applied to all bearings or azimuths in a particular file. All B, BM, and other lines with set bearing/azimuth values are affected by the rotation specified by the syntax “.ROTATION <angle>”.

Workflow Enhancements

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Handle your Face 1 and 2 data seamlessly, quickly comment out erroneous data, and work with ease using the updated help and hover tips.

  • 2018Mar 29


STAR*NET Ultimate
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is a new top-tier edition featuring everything from STAR*NET Pro, plus the following:
Command Line Interface
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STAR*NET Ultimate includes a command-line interface, so adjustments can be run from a command prompt, a batch files, scripts, or third-party applications.
Data Conversion Utilities
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STAR*NET Pro and STAR*NET Ultimate includes access to all of the data conversion utilities without requiring a separate license for them.
Large Network Adjustments
STAR*NET Ultimate can adjust networks containing up to 65,000 stations, an increase from the previous maximum of 10,000 stations.
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STAR*NET Ultimate can adjust networks containing up to 65,000 stations, an increase from the previous maximum of 10,000 stations. Note: STAR*NET Pro/Plus/Standard/Lev all still support a maximum of 10,000 stations. The 64-bit version of STAR*NET Ultimate is recommended for large adjustments.
Inline Warning Messages

Warning Messages generated in the Error Log during adjustment now also generate inline messages and bookmarks within the Integrated Data Editor, just like the Error Messages.

Progress Bar

A new Progress Bar appears when opening projects or running adjustments which shows the current progress and status, providing better feedback especially with large operations that may take some time to complete.

Open Data Folder
A new Open Folder button on data input files panel lets you immediately open a Windows Explorer to the location of the selected project file.
Copy Path and Filename
A new Context Menu when right-clicking on a data input file lets you copy the path and filename of the selected project file to your clipboard.