FGA 19 Imagery

FieldGenius for Android™, MicroSurvey's android data collection software solution, is soon to be releasing version 1.9. With the addition of GPS offset and surface staking functionality, this is a must-see release for any construction surveyors out there.  MicroSurvey developers have been working hard on FieldGenius for Android™, and the program keeps getting better with every release. Version 1.8 introduced new GIS features, including the ability to directly import Shape Files into your data collector as well as the ability to collect GIS Attribute data. The FieldGenius for Android™ GNSS Module has well-developed, intuitive functionality and ease of use that any surveyor will appreciate. And best of all – it removes the need to operate (and learn how to use) a separate data collector – simply download the application on a tablet or phone that you are familiar with and watch a few of our online training videos.