Interpret Field Evidence with Peace of Mind using MicroSurvey CAD’s Helmert’s Transformation
Today’s video highlights another practical function included in MicroSurvey CAD.

The 2D Helmert’s Transformation included in MicroSurvey CAD is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of coordinate transformations. With the Helmert’s Transformation, you can rotate, shift, and scale up to 5000 points based upon a best fit solution using 2 to 500 pairs of common coordinate points, all with the execution of a single command.

A minimum of two points common in both the plan and local systems are needed to be able to solve the four unknown transformation parameters. This gives what is known as a unique solution. When more than two points are common in each system, redundancy exists, and a least squares method is used to determine the optimum transformation parameters.

In this video, we demonstrate the utility by working through a real-world example. A survey dataset collected for a Real Property Report in assumed local coordinates is brought into MicroSurvey CAD. The data is then transformed to align with a base drawing containing actual ground control coordinates.

Helmert Diagram

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