In 2015, Surveyors On Site Inc. was tasked with providing a reliable framework from which all construction activities on the $59 million dollar early works contract of the new Canadian port of entry on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project would be built. Solid survey design paired with the right tools and software kept the construction of this 150 acre site - On Track. Our team utilized a 0.2mm Leica LS15 Digital level to ensure tight vertical control, combined with Leica TS16 1 total stations and Leica GS14 Network RTK receivers to measure and re-measure control points to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision. All data was downloaded then imported and adjusted using Microsurvey Star*Net. Microsurvey Embedded CAD was used extensively by the field crews and by the office staff and engineers to create asbuilt and topographic plans for design and verification. We also utilized a Leica P40 laser scanner to generate detailed asbuilts of surrounding infrastructure.

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