FGA and Mesa 3
With the imminent release of FieldGenius for Android™ 2.4 just around the corner, we are pleased to introduce our first subscription option for FieldGenius for Android™.  This opportunity offers a reduced price, which lowers the barrier to entry, empowering our customers to get into this new platform more easily.  A subscription also brings our mobile software offering into alignment with consumers’ changing needs, meeting their desire to keep their business current with the latest software updates to realize the workflow enhancements offered with each release. 
In support of this new format, we are offering introductory pricing from Wednesday, June 28, through Friday, July 28th.  As an additional limited-time offer, from June 28 through June 30th, we are bundling this new FieldGenius for Android™ subscription with a very limited number of Mesa 3 Android and Cedar CT8 tablets. Offer valid while supplies last. 
Kailey FGA Workflow