MicroSurvey CAD includes a powerful set of COGO functions. By simply typing in “COGO” at the command line, users will be taken into a powerful automated routine that prompts for point numbers, bearings, distances, and solve points. Intersections are computed by leaving unknowns blank, and letting the program automatically determine what type of intersection you would like to compute. 

This video shows a simple sketch of two lots in a subdivision – a quick run-through of the function showcasing the intuitive flow of the routine as well as the automated dynamic annotation it creates. However, this video is really just the tip of the iceberg of this feature’s capabilities.

MicroSurvey offers MicroSurveyCAD COGO specific training on their on-demand learning platform:

There is also a collection of videos demonstrating the many nuances of the COGO routine located on the Helpdesk Movie page: