Among the many benefits of running a MicroSurvey Software product are the efficiencies that you can achieve by integrating our different packages together.

Today’s video showcases the journey of two FieldGenius datasets as they are imported into STAR*NET and adjusted. This process demonstrates how STAR*NET simplifies:

  • Geoid Modeling.
  • Combining Data.
  • Perform traverse computations using the most rigorous methods.
  • Ground to grid computations.

The adjusted points dataset is then brought into MicroSurvey CAD, highlighting:

  • Easy Linework.
  • Grid to ground computations.

Whether you are a new user or a long-time MicroSurvey fan, if you were ever curious about how our software packages can simplify your workflows, view the video above or learn more about the MicroSurvey products displayed in the video below.