STARNET Training

MicroSurvey’s popular STAR*NET Certification courses are now available for you to take on your own schedule! Users can either pick and choose through the six in-depth courses ranging from basic to advanced topics to learn more on a specific area or purchase the course bundle and access the entire curriculum – the equivalent to our 16 to 20-hour classroom course that MicroSurvey typically offers every Fall.

This curriculum is perfect for quickly and easily training your new employees to be production-ready on the STAR*NET software or for everyday users who may just want a deeper understanding of certain aspects of the program.

Courses included with bundle purchase include:

  1. Import Workflows
  2. Introduction to Least Squares and the STAR*NET Interface
  3. Standard Errors
  4. GNSS
  5. Leveling
  6. Combining Data

Our combined data course is great for experienced users and provides an overview of a best practises workflow in a complex, high precision least square adjustment. 

Please contact your MicroSurvey Sales Representative below for more information.