STAR*NET 12 Released: Building On Decades Of Innovation

STAR*NET has been trusted to deliver high quality adjustments since 1986. It has become the industry standard in many regions and is globally recognized among land surveyors today. MicroSurvey STAR*NET provides efficient data management, editing, and analysis tools, thorough reports, and the flexibility to easily integrate data from multiple hardware sources and manufacturers. STAR*NET 12 brings a significant reduction in the processing time for computing adjustments, easier data flow from field files into STAR*NET and an updated library of coordinate systems.

I love the way it automatically saves the file in the same folder as the job and adds it to the project.

Ron Mak, B.Sc., O.L.S., O.L.I.P.

Increased Speed

Increased Speed

We made a significant investment in improving our algorithms with a focus on the speed of large adjustments. In internal testing, we are seeing a 50-95% reduction in the time required.

Increased Reliabilitiy

Increased Reliability

Building on the foundation of previous STAR*NET versions, we've implemented major improvements to make sure the software works as you the user would want it to.

Increased Speed

Increased Simplicity

We've simplified STAR*NET 12 by including all the converters and having them launch directly from the Input menu of the software. This offers a faster and more seamless experience.