• 2020Dec 22

embeddedCAD 2021 Service Pack

Shapefile Export & Attribute Table

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Export your projects to shapefile for easy submission to your GIS department or governing agency. Automatic division of data into appropriate shapefiles means that you can export any selection of data, or your entire project, in a couple easy steps. The new shapefile export supports GIS, DBX, FieldGenius, and CAD data simultaneously. Use the new Attribute Table Export function to quickly export a selection of points and attributes to a .csv file for review.

  • 2020Jun 29

embeddedCAD 2021

AutoCAD 2021

Unencumbered survey drafting and calculation workflows, including COGO, point tools for gridline-based projects, traverse input and adjustment, misclosure reporting, common data collector support, 3D surface representation and computation, corridor design, and more.

Online License Activation

A new licensing system has been added, which provides more secure demo licensing and the ability to work without a USB key. USB keys will continue to work, and will continue to be the primary method of licensing.

DBX Import Point Attributes

Point attributes are now imported from Leica Viva/Captivate DBX projects via the DBXIN command.

Updated Symbol Librarian

The symbol librarian (INSYM) dialog has been redesigned and streamlined with a more modern appearance

Updated FieldGenius SyncWizard

The FieldGenius Import (SYNCWIZARD) has been redesigned and streamlined with a more modern appearance and less required dialogs.

Updated Bing Imagery

The Bing Imagery (ATTACH_IMAGERY) has been redesigned and streamlined with a more modern appearance and less requed dialogs.

  • 2019Oct 31

embeddedCAD 2020


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Users may now utilize the AutoCAD® COMPARE command to display differences between
two drawings. Objects are colored according to their containing drawing, and are encircled
by revision clouds. Users can pan between revision clouds to explore differences.

Compare Import Export

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COMPAREIMPORT Users may now use COMPAREIMPORT from within the COMPARE command to import
objects from compared drawings to the current one. This function will import MicroSurvey
database objects, but will remove them from the database
COMPAREEXPORT Users may now use COMPAREEXPORT from within the COMPARE command to export
the comparison results to a separate drawing for later review. This drawing is not
automatically created with a database, but it can be created by saving the drawing.

User Interface
The interface has been updated to include a new dark version which is in line with other AutoCAD® 2020 products
Recognize SHX Text
The AutoCAD® PDFSHXTEXT command has been activated, allowing users to detect SHX text from imported vector PDF files automatically.
  • 2019Apr 17

embeddedCAD 2019

GIS Import

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Import GIS geometry using elevations from attribute definitions and add them directly to the survey database.


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MicroSurvey Analytics has been introduced to help MicroSurvey understand how embeddedCAD is being used, to focus efforts on features, enhancements, and important fixes.

PDF Import

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Import lines and features directly out of a
vectorized PDF file, this works great for construction plans or subdivision plans as
background data or blunder detection.


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This command is widely used by AutoCAD® customers for transforming
several lines of single-line text into a single multiline text object.