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Import/Export, Basic CAD and all Cadastral Functions
Native support for all Autodesk© CAD formats
COGO and batch COGO
Lots, Blocks and Areas
Building Library and house placement routines
All major data collector format import/export
Smart Lines, arcs, polylines and labels
Geodetic tools, ground to grid scaling, KML export
Contours and TINS
Site Design
Cross sections
3D Least Squares Adjustment
Import shape files and GIS data
Add to a current Autodesk AutoCAD©, Civil3D© or Map3D©
Lot Closures (map check) and metes and bounds descriptions
Survey computations
Cadastral annotation tools
Load aerial imagery and maps from web mapping services and HXGN Imagery
Active Drawing Technology grid based editor
Staking Reports and QA tools
Standard features plus modeling and design
Traverse editing and adjustment
Field to Finish automated diagramming
Aerial imagery and maps from Bing
Customize with lisp routines
Alignment Design
Sewer Design