• 2018Feb 7

FieldGenius 9.3

GNSS Reference

Improved workflow to set antenna height.

South Galaxy G1 & G6 Shake mode:

Added support for new feature on GNSS receiver that eliminates the reliance on the digital compass when the instrument is tilted for measurements.

Negative Antenna Heights

Allow for setting negative antenna heights for GNSS instruments

Total Station Toolbar

Updated Search button split to left and right search, removed double tap mode switch functionality.

Disto S910

Updated Disto S901 Assistant workflow and onscreen instructions.

  • 2016Dec 13

FieldGenius 9.0


Significant new feature to facilitate fast collection of repetitive features such as roadway cross sections or by a common theme. Full support of multiple concurrent linework figures and full automation of code selection is possible to increase productivity.


A new option has been added to calculate the transformation parameters from control points to transform a range of points. This is similar to the “Helmerts” functionality in MicroSurvey CAD.

Menu Updates

The main menus have been revised and updated to provide a more consistent user experience.

Project Manager

The Project Manager was modified to allow quicker project loading.


FieldGenius Premium now includes an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) module that features our Auto-Locate Staking functionality to mark a point on a wall, floor or ceiling, or to project a pipe through a wall.

RAW file encryption

The encryption setting for the project RAW file is now automatically retained and saved to program defaults when the user toggles the setting. Previously the encryption toggle would always be disabled by default for new projects.

  • 2015Nov 5

FieldGenius 8.1

Power Search Improvements

One click process to initiate power search to either directions
Optimized search directions for both data collector and total station onboard versions
A reverse configuration can be found in the Search Setting screen

Redesigned GNSS Offset Routine 

GNSS measurements and direction vectors can now be measured inside the offset routine

Offset values can be applied onto multiple GNSS measurements

GNSS Trilateration Routine

GNSS measurements for 2 static points can be measured inside the trilateration routine by double clicking the point fields

Stakeout Productivity Report

A new staking cutsheet has been added to report the number of points being staked out per day.

Alignment Staking

Users can now put any offset values on a template and the elevation/grade will be automatically calculated.

Onboard Version Enhancements

Various aspects of the application has been improved to provide a more polished experience when running onboard of a total station.

Compensator Control

Total station compensator switch has been added to the leveling screen.

World File

Both metric and imperial units are supported for the world file of georeferenced images.