• 2021Apr 27

FieldGenius 11

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This release of FieldGenius introduces an entry level license option to provide budget conscious users with an easy to use budget friendly software solution. FieldGenius v11.0.2 now has support for direct import of 2018 .DWG file formats. We also added a new tangent to circle COGO calculation, new GPS
drivers and updated existing drivers to support new functions.
Basic License
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Learn about the new FieldGenius 11 Basic License and the benefits it can bring your company.
Tangent to Circle
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New COGO calculation option that will allow the user to compute points via tangent to
circle. For example) computing building corners
  • 2020Apr 8

FieldGenius 10.4

  • 2019Sep 12

FieldGenius 10.3

  • 2019Apr 24

FieldGenius 10.2

ASCII import
Added feature to filter files in a folder to only show .txt and .csv files. The filter can be turned off to show all files in a folder if necessary.
Check backsight target height
New feature to retain the target height when checking the backsight
  • 2019Jan 21

FieldGenius 10.1

Support for SonarMite Hydrograph
Added support for the SonarMite hydrograph to work with a GNSS receiver to record position and elevation of river/lake bed.
Improved Surface Model loading
Improved the speed of loading surface models within LandXML data files.
New staking options allow a user to select appending with a prefix or suffix to a point number when staking the point. The staked point will have the original point number with the prefix or suffix added.
Grid to Ground Conversion
Updated the existing localization functionality to meet the government of India
Grid to ground conversion of GNSS grid coordinate and ground coordinate requirements.
Backsight Check Target Height
Added feature to retain backsight target height from previous setup.